Eating Clean: What is the Point?

Why Does Clean Eating Seem Too Hard?

It is understandable and natural to think eating clean and specifically Paleo is all too hard. Especially when all of the foods on the no-no list taste so good. However, you will find delicious wholesome foods that taste amazing that you CAN eat; you just need some exposure to them.   

It is your tastebuds that need retraining from sugary processed flavours to real food and how yummy it really is. There are so many delicious Paleo foods and recipes that will blow your taste buds and your mind.


Not convinced? 

Maybe these health benefits of the Paleo diet will persuade you:

  • Improved satiety (feeling of fullness between meals) – This is because of the higher protein and fat intake. 

  • Lower risk of chronic diseases.

  • Better blood pressure and glucose tolerance.

  • Increased insulin sensitivity.

  • Weight loss. Your body will find its natural balance.

  • More energy. You’ll be eating foods with a lower glycemic index (their sugars are absorbed more slowly).

  • Reduced inflammation. Including the kind that leads to cardiovascular disease. You can thank all of the Omega 3s you’ll be eating for that.

  • Easier digestion and better absorption of nutrients.

  • A more environmentally friendly lifestyle. The Paleo diet encourages eating naturally sourced, unprocessed, local foods as much as possible.

  • A more muscular/trim physique.

  • A happy, healthy brain. The Paleo diet suggests cold-water fish (like wild-caught salmon) as regular sources of protein. These foods include lots of brain-friendly nutrients, like DHA and Omega 3s.

  • Healthier, more balanced cells. Because of the Paleo diet’s focus on eating both saturated and unsaturated fats (which cells need both of to thrive) in healthy amounts.


Finally, the Paleo diet can lead to much clearer, softer, supple, radiant and healthier skin. 

The Paleo diet can help you to get the sleek physique you’ve always wanted, but Paleo Skincare allows you to have the gorgeous glow you’ve always dreamed of. 


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