About Us

Welcome to Paleo Skincare.

Hi!  My name is Terri Newton. I would like to personally thank you for visiting our site and having a look around.  I am the owner of Paleo Skincare.  We are a small boutique skin care company located on the Gold Coast, Australia servicing not only Australian’s but the world wide community.

Paleo Skincare for me has a heart, a reason why I do what I do and how I do it.  I am not some extension of a big multi-million dollar company.  We are a small family start up and truly believe we can make a difference in peoples lives.

I am not an extremist who thinks it is the be all and end all if you don’t use 100% pure organic mountain spring water to wash your hair. It just isn’t my style. I lead a convenient lifestyle. If it is too hard to fit into my life it won’t stick… until now. I get it.

It is all about being balanced, grounded and to a certain extent – safe.

I personally developed and tested all the products that we sell on this website, in conjunction with feedback from our  valued clients. My SIL has an auto-immune disease is just that – her immune system attacks itself. She was instrumental in developing this website and she understands your issues too.  Together we have developed (and continue to develop) a skincare range for the whole body that cuts the crap between organic, natural and chemical free.  

My children and my relatives all have environmental exposure issues which is why we believe that being conscious of what we surround ourselves with is important. Be it good food, exercise, caring friends, loving family, like-minded people. And this of course includes what we expose our bodies to.

I also have a big ‘WHY’. My first baby girl is 12 and we are looking at natural deodorants, cleansers, moisturisers etc. I just can’t bring myself to buy mainstream products (and some not so mainstream). I want to know what her skin is being exposed to. I don’t want her to be another statistic. I want to her to know why she uses products and what they do. She is just so precious to me, as is her younger sister.

There are many other people out there that blog about natural skincare, sell natural skincare products. This is overwhelming for me as I start to think – Who needs another skincare company??

Especially when it looks like everyone else does it so much better than I can right now.

It is simple – my 'WHY' is bigger than my self-doubt.

I tried to find statistics, case studies, market research material to provide with this article and what I found that the industry is huge and Google only really shows the high ranking pages (no surprises). I wasn’t really finding anything meaty to show you however I am a school mum, and I speak to other school mums and friends. They are all concerned about this and they are trying brand x and brand y and then brand z didn’t really work etc. The mums are also speaking about how their children having eczema and dry skin and moisturisers (mainstream) make it worse. They don’t know what to do.

What I did find while researching is that the latest and greatest products in the health food shop are misleading at best. Which means they lack integrity.

You won’t find our products on the shelves of your major local grocery store, nor the local health food shop.  We don’t have multi-millions to spend on marketing and advertising.  We do however have a few like-minded businesses that also hold levels of integrity and service that match our own.

And there you have it, the reason why ‘Paleo Skincare’ was born and why it continues to do business with health conscious, friendly customers like yourself.

Take the time to read our articles, they are written to educate and empower.

Do not hesitate at all to contact me about anything.  I love hearing from my like-minded (and not necessarily Paleo friends).