Here are what some of our customers have said.  

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"I do lots of outside work and wash my hands all the time.  I can’t believe the difference this soap makes to my hands.  It lasts for ages too." - Liz (Peak Crossing)


"I wasn’t sure on the smell to start with, but then I tried it.  I use it on my face and everything, and don’t need to use moisuriser anymore.  I never want to be without this soap again." - Jeannine (Wolfdene)


"My daughters love the way the soap smells, and how soft their skin is.  It’s helped with their dry skin and eczema." - Anna (Jindalee)


"I just love the moisturizing feel of this soap." - Margaret (Toowoomba)


"I haven’t used the unscented yet, but I have used the Lavender many times. It is amazing! I love the scent, as does my girlfriend, and it leaves my skin very soft." - Thomas (California)


"I've been using these soaps for well over 6 months and have been trialling her moisturisers. I am totally addicted - no other soap or moisturiser has come close in terms of feel on the skin, moisturising and cleansing properties and I love the fragrances - not at all overpowering and very natural. I am very sensitive to strong fragrances and have been prone to very dry skin. I no longer have any of these problems. I have replaced all my body and facial cleansing and moisturising products with Paleo Skincare. I use the intensive creams on my lips and feet and the lighter ones on my body and face. My kids also love the creams and have demanded that they each have their own "lip cream". No more dry, cracked lips that the kids tend to get in the cooler months. I have no qualms at all about highly recommending these products to my friends. In fact I have already done so many times, and many of my friends are now also devotees." - Katrina (Wolfdene)


"I was recently lucky enough to recieve a sample pot of the moisturising cream. I have always had a problem with dry rough hands, (especially during the colder months) and all the creams i have tried just made my hands more irritated. The first thing i noticed was it's beautiful light texture and when i rubbed it into my hands there was no irritation at all and my hands did not feel greasy. Most of all, the redness and irritation dissappeared after the first use, with my hands only to feel softer and softer with using just once a day. Thanks!" - Lauren (Mt Crosby)


"Yes I will definetly be shopping with you for all my future soap needs! There seems to be something magical about the way it complements the natural smell of the body  and I feel less prone to emitting a 'body odor' - (maybe the extra glycerine helps or the left over sat. fatty acids keep the bad bacteria in check?). Got a paleo meetup in 2 weeks so I am excited to share my discovery :) Thanks!" - Nicholas (Perth)


"If you are considering buying this soap, don't consider it, buy it. I was considering buying it for months before I decided to give it a go.  I regret not buying it earlier.  Here are the reasons why you should at least consider trying a small bar:

1. Grass fed tallow:  Grass fed cattles have more conjugated linoleic acid and Omega 3 than grain fed cattle,  Cattle were designed to eat grass not grain.  

2. I think it's great that we are able to respect animals by not wasting their byproducts.  Animals deserve our respect and care.

3. The soap is truly moisturising.  Like others have mentioned, I don't feel the need to use moisturiser.

4. It doesn't have ingredients I can't pronounce.  I am happy that I am able to reduce my toxic load.

5. You can wash your hair with it.  

I was also blessed to have tried Terri's moisturiser.  It is moisturising without being greasy and has a lovely smell."  - Sonya (Victoria)


Happy Bots Testimonials from Happy Customers

This cream is fantastic, this made our babies bottom heat rash disappear after one application.  I love the consistency it is light and bubbly and so silky.  It feels light and silky. Easy to apply, it just melts into babies skin.  I have been using it for a month and have barely scratched the surface!"  - Alysha


"Within 48 hrs of applying with every nappy change the rash and redness is completely gone.  The cream is very smooth and light, it feels silky and soft.  Very easy to apply to affected areas without any stickiness feeling, just glides on. Within 12 hrs of first application to severe nappy rash I noticed great results. Within 48hrs the nappy rash was completely gone.  The cream is easily washed off skin and never stained any of my modern cloth nappies, unlike some other nappy rash products. I would highly recommend this product to all parents with bubs.” - Amy


"Wonderful. Easy to use. Great on her skin. I am finding I am not using as much as other creams. I can see a significant difference after just one application, and if I catch the rash early enough I don't have to keep reapplying the cream. It is smooth, creamy not too thick not too runny good thickness.  It is soft with a no greasy after feel.  Absolutely wonderful, you put it on baby's bottom and that's where it stays." - Belinda


"This product is great! It helped clear up a particular bad case of nappy rash in a matter of hours.  My 2 year old was more comfortable and happy, and so was I.  It has also worked as a great preventative with both my son and my 7 month old daughter.  Highly recommended." - Celina


“I found Happy Bots to be a light, easy to be applied cream. There is no greasy  or oily feeling to it and found that it worked well whether I used a thick or thin layer. I saw results after just one application and knowing that it had no nasty chemicals was a bonus.” - Rebecca


“I have always had trouble using zinc based nappy creams on my son as they never seemed to stick to his skin and were very hard to apply. Happy Bots went on easily and a little goes a long way. He had no signs of inflammation when we used it. I liked that it isn’t perfumed. As my son has skin conditions he has some pretty harsh creams and ointments so it was nice to know that I was using something that was natural, mild and just as effective as other treatments.” - Eliza


" I wanted to let you know your Happy Bots cream is absolutely amazing. We did our 8 day, 100km hike recently in some pretty tough conditions. I did a test and when I would apply the cream before setting off, I was comfortable all day. On the two days I tested setting off without it, I'd start to get chafe about 3 hours in. So I'd stop and apply it straight away and it would disappear almost instantly. This is the best chafe product I've ever found. It was a very rewarding yet challenging experience and the conditions and terrain was perfect for lottos chafe hahahaha thanks to Happy Bots it was a wonderful experience" - Amie