A Guide to Buying Paleo Skincare Products that are right for you

At Paleo Skincare we do things a little differently.

At Paleo Skincare, we see beauty as a manifestation of your body's health, inside and out.  We take things one step further by taking a simplified approach to what is applied to (and in turn gets absorbed by) the skin, toxin- and harmful chemical free.  Paleo Skincare breaks all the rules you thought you knew about good skincare - in a liberating way.  Our products set you free from endless ingredient lists and products that promises you the world, but don't deliver.

Here is a run-down on our product ranges to help you determine which products are best for you.


Pure Range: Blue

This range is designed for the most sensitive skins. Even those that suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity have success with this range of products.

The Pure Range is free from all contamination of plant ingredients.

They are free from essential oils; they are made separately from the rest of our products and they are even stored away from those containing essential oils. We do our best to keep these products as pure as possible.

This product range is also perfect for people suffering from Eczema. We have heartfelt success stories from those who could barely use water, who have found relief and healing using this range. This range is at the heart of what we do: simple products, minimum ingredients, and the very best food for your skin.

Read more here about Tommy J’s success with this product range.


Tallow Soaps

These smell amazing, feel even better and last a long time.

We use minimal ingredients in our soaps , with the main ingredient being Grass-Fed Beef Tallow. It gently cleanses and nourishes like no other soap can. The Pure Tallow Soap has only two ingredients and the luxury Rose & Goat’s Milk Soap contains five. (To compare, take a look at soap ingredients next time you visit your grocery store – we analyzed a very popular ‘moisturising’ soap that contained 17 ingredients in all!)


Tallow Body Wash

If you prefer to use a body wash, you will love this range. The fresh fragrances and clean feeling you will experience are amazing. There’s no more need to have toxic chemicals running down your body – we have a true alternative. Based on our signature ingredient of Grass-Fed Beef Tallow, these are as effective and nourishing as the block tallow soap. A few pumps give you heaps of bubbles to wash your body - ladies will love this for shaving their legs.  Spearmint is our favourite, however our most popular fragrance is Rose.


Natural Range of Moisturisers: Orange

We currently have two different lightly-scented moisturisers on offer. These moisturisers are perfect for those with mild sensitivities or those who feel safe to use essential oils. This is because one of the preservatives we use is Rosemary Extract. Rosemary extract is used as an antioxidant to help prevent oils from going rancid and has a slight anti-bacterial effect as well. We offer these moisturisers in both Natural and Intense. The Intense is perfect for extremely dry skins (think of cracking knuckles in winter).


Tallow Handwashes (coming soon)

We’ve provided a gorgeous range of handwashes for your home as a more hygienic alternative to soap in a dish. The fragrances are designed to match areas of your house – Lemon for the kitchen, Lavender for the bathroom, Eucalyptus for the Laundry, or mix it up however you like. These Tallow Hand Washes will not dry your hands out at all, making them perfect for those who wash frequently such as mums, dads, nurses, vets and many more!


Castile Range (coming soon)

This range was developed as some people just really love Castile washes. We use Organic Cold Pressed Olive oil, teamed up with Organic Coconut Oil as well as organic and pure natural essential oils to provide a truly silky body wash. We currently offer our Castile Body Wash in Natural, and Pure. As with the rest of our Pure Range, the Pure Castile Body Wash is free from all essential oils. More scented Castile Body Washes will be released over time.


Bubs & Kids

Want to keep your bubby’s skin super soft and smooth? These tallow soaps are the best thing for their skin. Our range of kids’ tallow soaps come in these cute shapes which are also easier for little ones to hold in their hands. We are hoping it makes bath time even more fun. Of course, each shape has a Pure choice – no essential oils for super sensitive skins.

And who doesn’t want a Happy Bot? This is our amazing Nappy Rash Cream. With the healing power of Grass-Fed Beef Tallow and Zinc for added protection, mums love this on their little angel’s bottoms. Why would you put nasty toxic chemicals ‘down there’? Well, now you don’t have to.


Treatment Products

We can’t claim to cure anything – but boy, do these products provide relief!

Our Pure Tallow Moisturisers with Monolaurin are soothing for those who have extra angry skin. These moisturisers are designed for those who are so desperate they’re on the brink of putting steroids on their skin. The added Monolaurin is super healing: Monolaurin has repetitively been clinically proven to stop and to prevent the growth of micro-organisms such as fungi, molds, viruses, and most bad bacteria (read more here). We provide a Light version of this moisturiser also as some climates don’t require a thick consistency.

This range is due to expand in 2016.

If you:

  • need help with and haven’t found relief elsewhere
  • want a natural, healthy alternative
  • love a particular product and you can’t find it here
  • want a particular scent and we don’t have it
  • want to have a chat about our products...

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