What is Paleo Skincare? 

Paleo Skincare is skincare that strips away the unnecessary fillers, harmful ingredients, and toxic mass-produced chemicals to provide skincare that the skin loves. We only use basic ingredients that require minimal processing, that are naturally occurring and renewable. In much the same way as the Paleo Diet provides nourishment for optimal health inside the body, Paleo Skincare provides perfect nourishment for optimal health for skin.


Why is Paleo Skincare the Perfect Match?

Paleo Skincare is the perfect match for everyones skin because our main ingredient it is the closest match to our own skin sebum. This is vitally important as the skin recognizes it as its own which means it not only heals the skin, but it also supports a healthy skin ecosystem – allowing your natural beauty to shine through.


What really makes this ‘Paleo’?

For us it is all about the fats: the naturally saturated ones (as opposed to man-made trans-fats). It is also about not using those ingredients that your skin doesn’t respond to wholeheartedly. We refuse to use any ingredients that compromise the health and wellbeing of your skin. No mass produced, synthetic, toxic ingredients are used or ever will be used in our products.


What makes Paleo Skincare so fantastic?

Our signature ingredient is a traditional ingredient made modern. All our products are based on it and we would have it no other way. We use Grass Fed Organic Beef Tallow.

What did you just say?

Yep, we use the very best saturated fat because your skin loves it. It literally drinks it up. It thrives on it. Tallow was used way back when grandma was a little girl in soap, moisturisers and healing ointments. We have made this traditional ingredient modern by formulating it into a range of products that can be used over the whole body by all members of the family in todays environment. The composition of tallow is the closest you will get to skin. After all we are animals, not plants.


Why Organic Grass Fed Beef Tallow?

Organic is a no brainer – who wants anything on them that isn’t the very best? Grass Fed always over Grain Fed. Cattle are ruminant herbivores and as such do not cope with a diet based on grain. Those cattle who do feed on grain ultimately pay a significant health price by becoming very sick. They are meant to eat grass and herbs, not grain. Studies have found that grain fed cattle are sick and aren’t not able to digest their food properly. The fat from grain fed animals are not as beneficial or nutrient dense as those from grass fed. We use suet which is the fat that surrounds the vital organs as it is much better quality (most saturated and more stable) than the tallow in other parts of the animal. Only the very best will do.


Why do your products include water?

This isn’t such a silly question when most of our competitors pride themselves on not using water. This is crazy to us! Why not? Water is a natural delivery system not to mention that we can’t live without it. It helps us get the nutrients to where they need to be. We use filtered rain water always. Products without water only provide a barrier and do not actually add moisture to the skin.


Is Paleo Skincare the right type of skincare for me?

If you want radiant, healthy, supple skin that is the envy of your friends, family and neighbours? Then yes.


Can anyone use Paleo Skincare or is it just for those who follow a Paleo Lifestyle?

Once you start to understand that highly processed, polyunsaturated vegetable oils are not what your body ultimately wants as nourishment then you will understand that this is an area where most of us can be friends and agree. We all try our best to feed our body clean, vitamin and mineral rich food so our body’s can keep us going with our chosen lifestyles. The same needs to happen with our skin. Our skin does so much for us that goes unappreciated and unnoticed. We owe it to feed it what is needs and wants.


What is the shelf life of Paleo Skincare Products?

We only use natural ingredients and limited preservatives (which are natural too) so we would really like you to use them up in 6 months. To get the very best from the ingredients we recommend you use them all the time, as soon as you receive them.


Should the products be stored in the fridge?

You can if you want and if it is convenient for you but you don’t have to. Grass Fed Tallow is very stable (much more so that vegetable oils). This is due to its high proportion of saturated fatty acids and natural anitoxidants. This also means that we can keep the products at room temperature without the use of chemical stabilisers and synthetic preservatives. Keep the products in a dark, cool place such as your bathroom cupboard (or cabinet top if out of direct sun/heat). And remember to keep all lids nice and tight after using them. Note: We have added Rosemary Leaf Extract, Natural Vitamin E and plant based preservative systems to prevent oxidation, mould and bacterial contamination and to extend the shelf-life of the moisturisers.


How can you claim to be cruelty free?

Easy. We only test on willing humans. And our willing humans love to be trial our new products. We are absolutely disgusted by the mistreatment of animals in any facility that tests their products on rabbits and the like. We don’t roll like that.

But you use animal products in your products?

Yes we do. However we use part of the animal that would get discarded in landfill or such if we didn’t use it. Did you know that sometimes it is burnt or buried in a field because the farmers can’t get rid of it? We believe in being respectful to the whole animal. All the Grass Fed Beef Tallow comes from Australian cattle who are well cared for and free to graze the land the way nature intended. We feel really good about taking this animal by-product that would otherwise be wasted and reinventing into top quality nourishment for the skin.


Does Paleo Skincare contain palm oil?



Is Paleo Skincare Vegan/Vegetarian?



Can Vegan’s/Vegetarians use Paleo Skincare?

Absolutely. If they want what is best for their skin. Can my children/grandmother/grandfather/uncle/aunty/sister/brother/new born baby use Paleo Skincare. Yes. That is why we made it! For those who have lost their baby soft skin we want to help you get it back and for those little people who have it, we want to help them keep it.


I am lactose intolerant. Can I use Paleo Skincare?

In short – you shouldn’t have a problem for two reasons:

1. The intolerance of lactose is determined by the gut, and

2. None of our moisturizing products contain dairy. Some of our block soaps contain goat’s milk which has been determined to have a different ‘make-up’ to cow’s dairy.

As with any product, we suggest you patch test first.


I have extremely sensitive skin. Can I use Paleo Skincare?

Oh, please do!!! These products where designed for you! The nature of the tallow will ensure that you are providing exactly what your skin needs in order to be soft, subtle, radiant and healthy. There is no other ingredient on the planet that we could provide you that is better.

We have so many stories of those who were restricted to only using water on themselves as everything else was too harsh who could use our products! They claim that we saved their skin. Go here to view our testimonials.


Are all the ingredients listed on the packaging?

By law we have to. And we would have it no other way. We don’t play hide and seek games.


Will my skin feel greasy after using Paleo Skincare?

Your skin will feel different after using our moiturisers and body lotions - but not greasy. Tallow is different to vegetable oil. You will see your skin literally drink it before your eyes, not sit on top of your skin like other ingredients out ‘there’.


I have eczema, which products should I be using?

If you suffer from eczema then you need our dynamic duo – Pure Tallow Soap and Pure Tallow Moisturiser. These two will gently clean and help heal your skin. If your eczema is particularly angry then we would suggest the Pure Tallow with Monolaurin Moisturiser. Read more about our products here.


If it is safe enough to eat, can I eat it?

Yep! Get that spoon ready! Although we pride ourselves on providing food that your skin will love not your taste buds.


What are the shipping rates?

Unfortunately, shipping product is not cheap. Rather than provide free shipping and increasing our individual product prices (as many companies do), we have tried to provide a fixed price depending on the delivery address.

Shipping within Australia is a flat rate of $11.00. We will either use Fastway Couriers or Australia Post depending on where the items are being delivered to.

International shipping rates are based on which country the items are being sent to. It varies from $19 to $49. We provide a shipping calculator at checkout for your convenience.

The more you products you purchase in one order, the less your shipping per item.


If you have any other questions that we have not answered here please email us and we will be very happy to answer them for you.