Pure Paleo - Plant Free Products

Plant Free Products to support your skin


We all love plants around us and in our environment, but sometimes they don't suit our skins and our bodies.

Like all living creatures, plants have developed an arsenal of chemicals to discourage us from eating them.  Some of these include phytates, salycilates, amines, and a multitude of toxins designed to disrupt our immune systems.

When you're battling with autoimmune and skin issues, sometimes the best thing you can do is steer clear of using all plant based product, and this includes all the beautiful organic essential oils and extracts on the market.  Your first priority is to heal and re-establish your skins integrity and ability to form a protective barrier between you and the environment.

Nothing is better for this than animal based saturated fats which are stable, and also the closest thing to the skin's natural sebum.  This helps to re-establish the natural ecosystem of the skin and make it more resilient to  environmental assault.  By it's saturated nature, tallow, lanolin and bee's wax are stable and hence non-reactive both on your skin and with the environment.  This also means they are naturally resistant to oxidation which allows us to formulate products without adding extra plant based anti-oxidants.

We're in the process of developing a range of products that are completely plant free.  Watch this space for new products.