Eczema, an overview

What is Eczema?

You’ve probably heard of eczema before. After all, it’s one of the most common and aggravating skin conditions in the world.  Did you know, though, that the word ‘eczema’ is actually a bit of a blanket term for several individual skin conditions? When having eczema checked out by the doctor, you may hear some of these medical terms:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Nummular dermatitis
  • Allergic contact dermatitis
  • Dyshidrotic dermatitis 
  • Seborrheic dermatitis

All of these big, confusing words aren’t just lumped together into a single category (‘eczema’) for simplicity’s sake. All of the skin conditions that are commonly considered ‘eczema’ share a few key features.

For starters, they tend to be chronic, which means that they can stick around for a really long time. Fortunately, they typically aren’t contagious. You needn’t worry about ‘sharing’ your skin condition with friends or family members accidentally by sharing a living space, clothing, or a hug.

However, they do feature some distressingly  painful symptoms, such as severe itching and weeping, dry, red, swollen, and angry skin. These manifestations - and the itching and scratching that tend to go along with them - leave the skin, and the rest of your body, vulnerable and open to infection from bacteria, fungi, and viruses found in the surrounding environment. The ongoing inflammation can also cause skin thickening, and scarring.

What Are Some Common Causes of Eczema and Similar Skin Conditions?

Often, eczema is caused by an autoimmune condition. This means that the body is reacting abnormally to substances, materials or chemicals that are normally found in or on it. The immune system is ‘overreacting’ to one thing or another, and in the case of eczema, the result is agitated, raw, sore skin. An autoimmune condition may manifest itself in multiple areas of the body, or in just a specific area, such as the skin of a person who has eczema.

It is also common for eczema to be caused, or at least exacerbated by substances in the environment. The chemicals in your soap, the fabric of your shirt (or the chemicals remaining on it from the manufacturing process, or even from washing it), the fragrance in your favorite lotion, and the food that you eat may all be allergic triggers to your eczema, and there are many more. This is unsurprising, given that some scientific research has found a link between autoimmune conditions like eczema and other allergic diseases, including food allergies, asthma, and hay fever.

If you already have eczema, then something as seemingly harmless as getting some fresh air may irritate the condition. ‘Natural’ things like pollen, dust, pets, cool winter air, stress, and even scratchy fabrics such as woolen materials can cause it to become significantly worse.

How Can You Heal Your Eczema FAST?

This long list of potential contributors to the condition might leave you feeling a little discouraged, but there’s no need. Nature can help provide a simple solution to every health problem you can imagine, if you look closely enough. When it comes to finding a suitable solution for your skincare struggles, it’s not a major mystery - the answer is tallow based skincare.

Paleo Skincare’s blog discusses the skin’s natural makeup vs. that of grass-fed, organic, beef tallow, so hopefully you are already aware of why it absorbs so wonderfully and why it is so welcomed by the cells of the skin - on the body, and the face.

Did you know, though, that tallow naturally contains components that make it specifically beneficial for skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis? These components can help effortlessly ease the redness, pain, and infection risk that eczema always brings.

If you find yourself troubled by these weighty claims, don’t be; they’re true.



The majority of fatty acids in the product are saturated.  This means that they are much more non-reactive with both your skin and the environment, especially when compared with products that contain polyunsaturated fatty acids.

The conjugated linoleic acid in tallow - which is found in the highest percentage in the type of grass-fed, organic beef tallow used exclusively by Paleo Skincare in our creams and moisturisers - is naturally anti-inflammatory. This property makes our products perfectly ideal for eliminating the redness, rawness, swelling, and stinging associated with eczema and similar skin conditions.

Meanwhile, the palmitoleic acid is one of  our most treasured ingredient, as it is naturally antimicrobial, meaning that it can help you fight off infections in wounded, scratched, and rubbed-raw skin without the use of carcinogenic chemicals or the burning, stinging formulas you’ll find on pharmacy shelves.

Lauric Acid, the same fatty acid as found in breast milk, is naturally anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.  This comes from the Monolaurin in our products which is separated from Coconut Oil.

If that wasn’t enough, grass-fed beef tallow is also known to contain remarkably high doses of the vitamins necessary for nourished, healthy, happy skin. It can help heal the condition you’re facing by providing topical supplementation of vitamins A, K, D, and E.

Why would you bother with harmful prescription creams and drugstore lotions and potions when a soothing, safe, and effective alternative already exists in nature?

Paleo Skincare has harnessed this powerful ingredient and perfected it by keeping it pure. While our Pure Tallow Moisturiser with Monolaurin is extra useful for fighting off fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms that prey on vulnerable, damaged skin, our Pure Range is ideal for individuals who struggle with sensitivity. Free from all essential oils and uncontaminated by plant ingredients, our Pure Range is not even manufactured or stored with our other products which do include some essential oils for fragrance and the added benefits these oils bring.

This ensures that customers with even the most sensitive of skin can find soothing relief and satisfaction in the use of our Pure Range- especially those suffering with eczema and similar skin conditions.


At Paleo Skincare we are very sympathetic to those who have tried so many lotions and spend a near fortune on trying different products to help relieve skin conditions such as eczema.

As yet, we do not offer samples of these products which I know seems frustrating however we have good reason.

A sample will not give you the full impact of how good these products are for senstive skin.  A sample will give you 2 maybe 3 applications depending on the size of the effected area.  

We strongly believe that you will find much relief in using the full size product for a decent amount of time and with several applications.  Our products are not steriods, they truly heal the skin and when the skin is that irritated it takes a little time.

In lieu of samples, we would like to offer you instead free postage on the duo of products that Tommy J used.  The Pure Tallow Soap and the Pure Tallow Moisturiser.  That is a savings of $11 (for those who reside outside Australia you will receive a discount of $11).

Please fill in the form below and a code will be sent straight to your inbox along with a link directly to the products.  *Note you will have to confirm your 'subscription' - this is so I can email you (privacy laws etc etc)

We hope you take us up on our offer.  Due to the nature of the tallow and the absence of fragrances and other contaminents, your skin will have everything it needs to heal.

Love Your Skin,

Anna & The Paleo Skincare Team.


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