Is your skincare letting you down?

It can be hard work to maintain healthy diet in our modern day society. Drive-throughs and genetically modified “fast foods” are everywhere.  Figuring out how to effectively cut out foods laden with chemicals, preservatives, artificial nitrates, unnatural colors, flavors, and hormones can be overwhelming. To find nutrient dense, natural, toxin free options to replace them with can seem time consuming. The benefits of not eating bad food manifest themselves from the inside out.

This being the case, why would you ever want to slather the outside of your body with products that can damage it from the outside in?

Most of the popular commercial skincare products available on the market right now contain numerous, unnecessary, toxic ingredients.  Many of these have been linked to reproductive problems, learning disabilities, infertility, skin allergies, birth defects, and even cancer. The list goes on. Additionally, the harshness of such ingredients can contribute to premature ageing of the skin and unwanted wrinkles.
You may think that you are being mindful about the products that your family uses, but even many of the products claiming to be “gentle”, “natural” and “designed for sensitive skin” are guilty.
Paleo Skincare excludes such ingredients, only including those that are parallel in quality to the foods that you consume while on the Paleo diet. It goes by the philosophy that “less is more” when it comes to your skincare. Too many ingredients can confuse your skin, and interrupt its natural processes.
Paleo Skincare aims to help skin thrive naturally by nourishing it with the essential vitamins and nutrients that arm it against the onset of wrinkles, ageing, sun damage, acne and more. These nutrients and vitamins serve to help skin to heal itself when these things do occur, too.
Simply put, Paleo Skincare works with your skin, instead of against it. 

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