Why you will love our company

Author: Anna Wilen Clark  

So why would you love our company?

It will have something to do with the fact that we love what we do and we love spoiling you.

We are super passionate about your skin's health and we have sourced the very best that your skin needs - and wants.  

Mainstream skincare includes a whole host of unnecessary, harsh, and even harmful ingredients in its products. Sudsy soaps and commercial cleansers may feel as if they are doing a good job at removing the pollutants and impurities that everyday life exposes you to from your skin. However, they actually remove much more than that. They are too strong, and strip away natural, necessary oils and nutrients, leaving behind, dry, dull, tired skin. Sometimes these products claim to include natural ingredients - like essential oils or “naturally” sourced nutrients, like Vitamins A, C or E. However, they are often included in such unsubstantial quantities that they have no chance to counterbalance the destruction being caused by the products’ other ingredients.

Our products are designed to work with your skin. Your skin, when well balanced, is designed to clean and moisturize itself with its own natural sebum. Once you start to respect the natural needs of our skin, you will be more than qualified to make your own skincare rules, and create a personalized skincare routine catered to your individual needs. 

Paleo Skincare includes only those ingredients that are best quality 'foods' for your skin. It goes by the philosophy that “less is more” when it comes to your skincare. Too many ingredients can confuse your skin, and interrupt its natural processes. Paleo skincare aims to help skin thrive naturally by nourishing it with the essential vitamins and nutrients that arm it against the onset of wrinkles, ageing, sun damage, acne and more. These nutrients and vitamins serve to help skin to heal itself when these things do occur, too. Simply put, Paleo Skincare works with your skin, instead of against it. Stop fighting your body’s largest organ, and start paying attention to what it is trying to tell you it needs.

Real Skin Food.

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12 August 2015
<p>I love the look of the bar soap!!! So creamy & soothing to the skin!!!</p>

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